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Song Of The Week: Hasil sings Chuck Berry

This week’s Song Of The Week is a bit of an archival recording, so you’ll have to excuse the audio quality. This was recorded the night that I met Hasil Adkins, back in March, 1990. It was a Friday night, and The Swivels (formerly The Swivel Rockers) were playing at the Empty Glass. All week long they promised a surprise guest, and they did not disappoint. Between sets by The Swivels, Boone County Legend Hasil Adkins got up and performed a handful of songs, sitting behind the drum kit with his guitar.

Whoever was running sound that night recorded it off the soundboard, and, with Hasil’s blessing (nobody wanted to cross Hasil Adkins), I was able to play this song the next night on Radio Free Charleston. This is a dub of the air check from that episode of RFC, digitized and cleaned up a bit, but it’s still pure Haze. Sure it’s low-fi, but somehow the thought of Hasil in Dolby 5.1 Surround doesn’t seem right.

So, travel back to that magic night when Hasil Adkins took the stage at the Empty Glass, and performed the Chuck Berry classic, “Maybelline.” For more on Hasil Adkins, check out the official Hasil Adkins website, from which I swiped the above photo. I had to “Hasil-ize” it, a little, though.


  1. Bob Coffield

    Rudy, Loved the recordings of Hasil. Brought back some great Empty Glass nights from the 1990s. I recall hearing Hasil one night in mid 1990s — similar to your account. Can’t recall who was playing but he came up and played between sets. It was a great show.

  2. Secular Spice

    I was totally there that night, thank you for the trip down memory lane.


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