Our song of the week this week is The Heydays performing their arrangement of the traditional tune, “Shady Grove.”  If you watched last week’s brand new Radio Free Charleston (and shame on you if you didn’t) then you saw The Heydays, otherwise known as Paul Callicoat ( above L.) and Douglas Imbrogno (above R.) performing this very same song.  Why would we make it the song of the week, you ask?  Well, this is a recording of the same performance that we used on the show, but due to deadline issues, we didn’t have the fully-produced audio ready in time to include it.  The video version actually has audio from the camera microphones, doctored a bit with some reverb. 

This version is fully resplendant in all its stereo audio glory, as produced and engineered by Brian Young at LiveMix Studio.  It’s well worth an encore listen. 

Listen to “Shady Grove” by The Heydays “Shady Grove” by The Heydays