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Songs Of The Week: Go Van Gogh

We’re taking another deep dip back into the Radio Free Charleston archives this week–all the way back to 1989. Go Van Gogh was the most-requested local band on my old radio show. Made up of two sets of brothers, all four members of the band were capable of singing lead, and they also wrote their own material, which includes some of the finest rock songs the Charleston area has produced. In addition to a rabid local following, the boys would often pop into the RFC studio late at night, as seen above. The composite photo depicts (L to R): Johnny Rock, Tim Rock, and Stephen Beckner. Mark, Steve’s brother, didn’t make it to the studio that night. This week’s main SOTW is “Shut Up, I Love You,” written by Stephen Beckner. It was easily the most-requested song during the eight months that Radio Free Charleston was on the air. This recording is a demo of the song, I believe, from late 1989. Steve sings lead on this tune.

As a bonus this week, PopCult also brings you Go Van Gogh performing The Beatles’ “I Am The Walrus.” This is one of my favorite Beatle songs, and this recording was captured live, at the Charleston Playhouse, with Mark Beckner on lead vocals. It was recorded especially for the old radio show.

Stephen Beckner is currently living in Elkview and racking up photography awards by the armful. You can check out his blog here. He’s also still writing songs, and will be on a future episode of the new Radio Free Charleston video podcast. Mark Beckner is living in Nashville, and performing and writing songs with his band, Hitchcock Circus. The Rock brothers are still here in Charleston and they’re cooking up a new musical project. As soon as more details emerge, I’ll tell you about it here in PopCult.


  1. Boon Dog L

    Like a case of prickly heat on your groin…

  2. Ghost of FZ

    Why does it hurt when I pee?

  3. Stephen Beckner

    go van gogh usually affects the groin areas; usually a sitz bath or sometimes an orgasm helps alleviate the burning…

  4. Janice

    That’s some damn good advice right there.

    “Go Van Go is playing! Let’s have an orgasm!”

    Damn skippy.

  5. Mark Mingrone

    I sat in with go van gogh once…my pants are still wet from the Jägermeister Mark B spilt all over the band.

    Also, there is a much more current Hitchcock Circus link:

    If you become a friend we promise not to stalk you and invite you to the West Bank!

  6. Julia

    Promises, Promises.

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