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Spewtube: Monday Morning Art Returns


After taking a hectic week off, Monday Morning Art returns, oddly enough, during an even more hectic week.  Among other things, you can probably expect a new episode of Radio Free Charleston later today.  Episode 37 features music from Blue Million and Lady D, plus new animation from Frank Panucci and a new installment of The Android Family.  However, we have art and an announcement to deal with first.

Today’s art is “Spewtube.”  This is part of the series of prints that was to be auctioned off for the benefit of Emily Gunter-Haynes.  Pressing time issues kept that from happening, but we’re working on an alternate way to let these works benefit Emily.  While we’re still working on the “big announcement,” I can tell you that all the proceeds from the Monday Morning Art Store featuring this artwork will go to Emily and her husband, Jeff, as they deal with a debilitating illness.  In addition, the PopCult Store will become a storehouse for the pieces I created for the benefit, and all proceeds from the PopCult Store will go to Emily and Jeff until further notice.  You can read more about the awesome day of music and art for Emily here.

So, now you have an added incentive to check out the Monday Morning Art store, and The PopCult store.  Follow the jump for a look at some of the other recent examples of Monday Morning Art that you can find in the PopCult Store.  Oh, and feel free to click the images for larger versions.

“Things Flying Over Other Things”

“Looking Through The Wires”

“Turbulent Sky”

Expect another from this series next week!

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  1. Elvis Capone

    Your new art reminds me that certain areas of the body are made of squamous cells, which are fairly elastic and built for speed. Other areas of the body are not so conducive to internal athleticism, so they must be goosed along with the aid of props and ointments.

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