Despite the dark cloud hanging over the United States Postal Service for the last few years, they have managed to release several cool and highly-collectible stamp sets recently.

Stamp collecting is nowhere near being the mainstream hobby that it was decades ago, but it is still a thing, even in today’s world, where many people go months or years without buying a first-class stamp.

However, that hasn’t stopped the USPS from releasing cool new sets that pay tribute to the greats of literature and philosophy, such as August Wilson, Ursela K. Leguin and Yogi Berra, as well as really neat cultural touchstones, like this multi-design set devoted to Tap Dance

Of major interest for Pop Culturists is this set, just released a few months ago, devoted to Star Wars Droids, with ten different designs…

The most recent release celebrates the Lunar New Year and The Year of the Tiger, which is near and dear to your PopCulteer…

You can order the latest quarterly USA Philatelic catalog for free HERE, and read more about the sets listed above, as well as first-day covers and special albums and framed editions, plus you can find out about upcoming sets like the Title IX stamps, due out in March, and order previous stamps that they still have in stock, like their Scooby Doo, Hot Wheels and Marvin Gaye stamps and collectibles.

We may not NEED stamps as much as we used to, but it’s still okay to want them.