Episode 51 of Radio Free Charleston, “West Virginia State College Shirt,” is online now! This edition of the show features music by Brain Trauma and The Underdog Blues Revue, plus a Kitty Killton movie trailer and the debut of the Astonishing Finger Man!

Host segments were shot Friday at the Mound in South Charleston. We recorded these bits after the No Pants Players show, which was held down the street at the La Belle Theater, and we even enlisted a couple of passers-by to do our animation intro.

“Kill Kitty” is the next Kitty Killton movie coming from director Scott Elkins. We hope to showcase more work from Scott in the future. You can visit his myspace page here, and his YouTube page here, to check out more of his work. Starring as Kitty is none other than RFC’s official Barista, Chelsea Cook, who needs to do more animation intros for us one of these days.

Our first musical guest is Brain Trauma. We first met Kyle and Toxik Flow at an IWA East Coast show more than two years ago. Scheduling demons prevented us from getting them on the show until now, but it was worth the wait. Using footage we shot at The Empty Glass last month, we created a music video for the song “Rock It.”

You can visit Brain Trauma’s webpage and download the entire album that includes “Rock It” for free. It’s premium high-grade horrorcore rap, and it’ll thrill and delight you. We’re hoping to get the guys back on the show soon. Kudos to Kasket Sarah, who stepped in to give us a third roving camera for the shoot. Unfortunately, a bad sector on a data card scotched most of her footage, but we were able to salvage a few quick shots.

The animation this time is the debut of FINGER MAN. You’ll just have to see it to believe it. Special thanks to the two girls on the Mound who did our animation intro. We really should have asked your names.

Rounding out the show this time is an amazing performance by The Underdog Blues Revue. This was recorded in July, at the last show UBR gave before going on hiatus for a year. This is one of mad genius Chuck Biel’s groups and he’s going to take a year off to go back to the lab and regenerate. Part of this is because the band is losing its bass player Eli Namay. Eli’s going away to school, so Chuck and the rest of the band, Matt Hively, Will Taylor, and Chuck’s son, Vince, are going to take their time to integrate a new member into the line-up.

Chuck and Eli were also in Punk Jazz, with Casi Null and Jimmy Holly, and you’ll see that band on episode 53 of RFC, our next “show without words.”

The song we hear from UBR is “What You Say,” and editing it was a real treat. I used multiple images and letterboxing to give the song a more dramatic presentation. How about letting me know in the comments if you’d like to see more music videos like this on the show?

That’s it for this edition of Radio Free Charleston. We might just be back in one week with episode 52 of the show.