Stephanie Adlington

Stephanie Adlington

RFCv3 #31

This week on Radio Free Charleston on New Appalachian Radio the theme of our second hour is all about the music that Grafton, WV native, Stephanie Adlington made as the lead singer of the legendary progressive rock group, Renaissance.

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NAR log 016We start off with an hour of terrific music, kicking it in gear with some music that Stephanie has made more recntly. Later in the summer, we are happy to report, we will have brand-new music from Stephanie’s forthcoming EP.

The First Hour Playlist:

Stephanie Adlington “So In Love”

Time And Distance “Live A Lie”
The Swivels “Panama”
The Company Stores “Botom Out”
Linnfinity “Molly Marr of Rome”

Paul Calicoat “Dylan Stole My Life”
Billy Matheny “I Won’t Be Around”
The Big Bad “Shadowbrook Road”
Wolfgang Parker “Whisper Something German in my Ear”

Frenchy and The Punk “Why Should I?”
QiET “Get Found”
Go Van Gogh “Planet of Pyschotic Women”
Red Audio “Girl From Outer Space”

WATT 4 “I Don’t Deserve You”
The Concept “Guitar Pick In My Kool Aid”

Hour Two Stephanie Adlington in Renaissance:

In this hour I share with you the music that Stephanie recorded with Renaissance in the mid 1990s. I also give you a little history of the band and tell an embarrassing story about myself.

This is primo progressive rock with Stephanie’s beautiful, soaring vocals. If you would like to keep up with what Stephanie is doing now, please visit her website.


“Love Lies, Love Dies”
“I Think of You”
“Northern Lights”
“Ocean Gyspy”

“Trip To The Fair”
“The Great Highway”
“The Other Woman”

“Things I Don’t Understand pt.2”
“Don’t Talk”
“Carpet of The Sun”