STD LOGO 8 18Today is August 18, 2016. Three years ago on this date your PopCulteer decided to see how long he could go if he tried to post at least one item in this blog every day.

The answer, to quote the announcer from the old Tootsie Pop commerical, is “The world may never know.” We’re still going. Eagle-eyed readers may notice a couple of days where we removed posts to keep from having a crazed millionaire hit us with a nuisance lawsuit for exposing a fraudulent scheme of his, but there were originally posts on those days so I’m counting them.

It’s been three years that have seen your PopCulteer travel, get married to his longtime love, launch an internet radio station and be diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. It’s been eventful and I thank my loyal readers for sticking with me, even with the video content dropping off quite a bit this year due to my eyestrain issues from dealing with MG (oddly enough, it’s because my eyes are healing, and in the process of that, I am susceptible to headaches if I stare at the computer screen intently enough to edit video).

Anyway, that’s three years of fresh content every day here in PopCult. Yay, me.

This week there is a ton of STUFF TO DO, and rather than write about it all, how about I just post a link/player thingy with a half-hour radio show that you can listen to? HERE This is the show that my wife, Mel Larch, and I do for The AIR, which is that internet radio station I manage to mention almost every day here in PopCult.

This week we talk about The Simply Jazz and Blues Festival in Beckley, Summerfest in South Charleston, ArtWalk in Downtown Charleston, that sport thing that’s closing Kanawha Boulevard and we also cover the night music scene, theatre and area car shows. There is so much stuff going on this weekend that we only had room to sample one song, by Todd Burge, who can be seen and heard tonight in Saint Albans before heading to New York for a benefit show for West Virginia flood victims.

We did miss a couple of shows at The Blue Parrot that came in after our deadline. Friday night at 10 PM you can catch Down in Round 3, Move Home, Yearling and Youth. Saturday, hot on the heels of their show at the Charleston Streetfest, Hybrid Soul Project takes the stage at 10 PM. Both shows have a five dollar cover.

So listen to STUFF TO DO at the above link, and check out the these graphics from the people who were kind enough to supply us with them.