10003936_723945707655834_1245221387_nThere are two big shows this weekend at The Blue Parrot on Capitol Street in Charleston!

Friday night it’s Foz Rotten and His Dirty Scoundrels, Elephant In The Room and The Super Heroes with Special Guest Comedian Andy Frampton. You may remember Foz from our Halloween episodes and other editions of Radio Free Charleston. Elephant In The Room is the new group fronted by Donnie Smith, who has been seen on the latest full-length RFC, plus his own RFC MINI SHOW. The Super Heroes feature the talents of Steve Clever Siders, who has been involved with RFC on both sides of the camera.

The show kicks off Friday night at 10 PM, and it’s only five bucks to get in the door for a night of fun comedy and great music.

Saturday night a the Parrot, Faith of The Damned, Twist of Fate and Noise bring the hard rock to the stage. The show starts at 9 PM and a mere five bucks gets you in. Check out this Beach Shak video of Twist of Fate, and then gawk at the flyer below it.