20024106_318801841894551_3121426612020499499_oThis week our Stuff To Do is sort of skimpy, but there are at least two events that your PopCulteer is going to try to make it out to and I wanted to be sure to tell you about those.

The reason for the skimpiness has a lot to do with folks who have events, but can’t be bothered to create eye-catching graphics that include the date, time, venue and whatever’s happening. I’ll be glad to run cool graphics of your shows here in PopCult, but I’m not going to hunt your events down and write long-winded plugs for them. I tried that and the pay is the same as if I do it this way (which is for nothing, in case you wondered). Meet me halfway, folks, please.

So if you want your show plugged here in PopCult, please make a graphic for me. I even had to add the venue name to one of this week’s graphics.  I’ll even make graphics for you, if you ask me more than a week in advance.

The big deal for me is the Stark Raven Reunion shows. I’m going to try to snag tickets to the Woody Hawley concert Thursday night at the Walker Theater at The Clay Center. Live at the Levee will be a fun show, but being an outdoor show, it just doesn’t jibe with my medical situation.

Saturday night your PopCulteer plans to spend his last night in a certain demographic at The Capteron Planetarium at The Clay Center, catching Rubber Soul play The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper” in its entirety.

There’s way more than this happening in town, so if none of this catches your fancy, seek out those cool events that are too cool to make handy graphics.