The PopCulteer
September 9, 2022

It’s bounced around a bit this week due to the holiday, but we have some suggestions for STUFF TO DO in Charleston, Huntington, and other Mountain State locations over the weekend, so let’s just dive in.

Our feature event is something that, sadly I couldn’t work into my schedule.  JoeLanta, the very cool GI Joe-oriented Toy Show in Atlanta grew into ToyLanta a few years ago, but now it’s grown even more and come full circle as a second show, which returns to its roots as a dedicated GI Joe show. It’s happening today through Sunday at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast, and in addition to the great JoeLanta events like the custom figure and diorama contest, the concert by Radio Cult and the terrific GI Joe vendors from around the country, two very special guests will be there: Sgt. Slaughter and Keone Young, the voice of Storm Shadow on the classic GI Joe cartoon. Check out their website for more details. We will try to make it down that way next year.

RibFest is happening at Shawnee Park, between Dunbar and Institute through Sunday. I would tell you all about it, but I hate ribs and BBQ, and can’t even stand the smell of that stuff. Check out their Facebook Event Page for details if that sounds like something you’d be interested in attending.

Live Music is back at Taylor Books. There is no cover charge, and shows start at 7:30 PM. Friday it’s Lil Bren. Saturday sees Ryan Smith at Charleston’s beloved Bookstore/coffeehouse/art gallery institution.

Please remember that the pandemic is not over yet. Many people who have very good reasons are still wearing masks, and many of us, understandably, are still nervous about being in crowds, masked or not. Be kind and understanding  while you’re out.

If you’re up for going out, here are some suggestions for the rest of this weekend.  We’re grouping them together by day again…













That is this week’s PopCulteer.  We’re still going to be operating in “lite” mode for a few more days while I take care of some other assignments, but you can still check PopCult for all our regular features, with fresh content every day.