Your PopCulteer is back from his first extended trip in over two years, and it’s time to get somewhat back to normal. We have a selection of many cool things in and around the Charleston to tell you about this weekend.

Please remember that the pandemic is not over yet, and now only the stupidest of people are going without vaccinations. Many people are still wearing masks, and many of us, understandably, are still nervous about being in crowds, masked or not. Be kind and understanding  while you’re out.

In tomorrow’s PopCulteer I’ll tell you about my trip, and all next week I’ll bring you a lot of photos and a little video from ToyLanta and our other adventures down South. If you somehow managed to listen to every minute of The Radio Free Charleston Spring Break Marathon, and still want more, then tune in to The AIR Thursday at 2 PM for the two episodes of the show that we weren’t able to fit into our ten-day programming stunt. The plan is to have as many new episodes of our music specialty shows as possible next week.

In the meantime, if you’re up for going out, here are some suggestions…