Wednesday night in Elkview a collection of the area’s best singer/songwriters will gather at Roni’s Pizza to relate a classic tale of The Old West. SongwriterStage presents TOMBSTONE Arizona 1881: A Piece of The Old West, a story told in song and narrative by Roger Rablais, with guest performances by Albert Frank Perrone, Holly and the Guy, Mike Arcuri, Tony Harrah, Travis Vandal, Chet Lowther, Larry Hoskins and Ritch Collins. The event seems to be free, but I’m sure that tips will be appreciated.

This sounds like a terrific production, and it will be followed by a special edition of SongwriterStage. Roni’s is a wonderful venue, with great food, and I hope that maybe they do this again, because I’d love to see this, but I’ve got a prior committment that night. I’m really glad to see local musicians coming together to do projects like this, and I’m really happy to see it happen as such a nice place. I’m also very pleased that it gave me a chance to run that absolute groaner of a headline.

This all starts at Roni’s Pizza in Elkview, right off of I 64, Wednesday at 7 PM. Details can be found in the graphic below.