Above you see a re-rendered version of a video I originally posted in December, 2019. A few minor mistakes have been corrected, and it has been rendered at a much higher bit rate to reduce the blockiness in the original clip. Sadly, I couldn’t do anything about the slow auto-focus on my phone. I didn’t really push this much when I originally posted it because the blockiness annoyed me.

This is a collection of footage shot out the window of Chicago’s Elevated Train as it barrels through town in December of last year. The speed of the video is manipulated, with time compressed or extended, depending on the view. Most of the film is shot on The Brown Line, in The Loop. You’ll get fleeting glimpses of some pretty cool landmarks.

This video starts on the Red Line of the famed CTA “L” train, but but quickly transistions to the Brown Line for a trip through The Loop.

I could have left out the Red Line footage, but then you wouldn’t get to see that cool shot of Wrigley Field.

This is all set to some spacey/relaxing YouTube library music, and the entire video is intended to be something you can just watch and zone out during it’s sixteen-minute running time. I figured now would be a good time to re-do this, since so many folks have more spare time to fill.