Starting Monday morning at 7 AM on The AIR. we begin five straight days of Radio Free Charleston Volume 5.  Each day we’ll post a schedule with links to each episode’s playlist, plus an explanation of why we’re doing the marathon.

To warn you of this, our Sunday Evening Video this week takes us back to March, 2012 for episode 150 of Radio Free Charleston. “Black Shirt” was a celebration of LiveMix Studio, our first production partner without whom Radio Free Charleston would never have existed as a video program. LiveMix is long gone now, but in this episode, we revisited some of the incredible performances and spoke with some of the musicians who helped make our first 150 video episodes so special.

This is an extra-long compilation show, and it’s filled with local legends like Raymond Wallace, Whistlepunk 2.0, The Nanker Phelge, The Ghosts of Now, The Feast of Stephen, Sasha Colete and Mrs. PopCulteer, Mel Larch. It’s a good ‘un, and it reminds us how much we miss LiveMix Studio. I don’t want to go into the long explanation of how RFC began on broadcast radio, was revived as an online video show, and is now an annual video show and a weekly internet radio show, so just accept it as it is and enjoy.

It’s complicated, but it makes for a really good reminder that our marathon begins Monday.