Today, since hardly anybody will be online due to it being Super Bowl Sunday, and because anybody who is online probably only cares about really cool stuff instead of boring old football, we are going to repeat our Sunday Evening Video that originally ran in this blog six year and six days ago…

Daniel+Roebuck+AFI+FEST+2012+Presented+Audi+ySy_iKjlHCTlDaniel Roebuck is a big-time Hollywood actor who’s been in everything from Lost To The Grumpy Cat Movie, and he also played Jay Leno in the HBO Movie The Late Shift. He’s been in The Walking Dead webisodes, episodes of CSI and Weeds and in the movies The Devil’s Rejects and John Dies At The End, among dozens of other movie and television roles. He’s also a hell of a nice guy and a collector of really cool toys and monster movie memorabilia, and in this short and very funny film (which you can see below) we get to see a tiny part of his epic collection.

Keep your eyes peeled for quick shots of GI Joe, Captain Action, Captain Lazer and way more cool things.

Daniel, My Brother from Daniel Roebuck on Vimeo.