Above you see the first installment of The Wanderer. As the YouTube description says, it’s a “new space western blockbuster from Nitrowolf105 Wolfy Studios! Action! Adventure! Showdowns! Laser cows! Wolfy! It’s all anyone could want and more!”

This is the creation of Cameron Pauley, and his dad, Kevin Pauley.  Cameron was present at the recording of the first video episode of Radio Free Charleston, but he probably doesn’t remember it because I don’t think he was a year old yet at the time. His dad is the local comedian and actor, of No Pants Players and State 35 fame, and he collaborated on this project.

The Wanderer is an all-star action figure extravaganza, and part of the fun is recognizing the “actors” who have been repurposed to tell this story.

If you want to see more chapters of this saga, including those that are currently in progress, as they are released, visit Cam’s YouTube page.

If you’re really impatient about it, watch the second chapter, right here…