Once in a lifetime, you see a work of choreography that is simply so amazing, astounding and astonishing that you simply can’t believe what you’re seeing.

Above, you see such an incredible act of terpischoric virtuosity.

Heather Parisi, a California native who became a major Italian TV star in the 1980s, delivers her version of Michael Sembello’s, song from Flashdance, “Maniac.”  The uncredited choreographer has clearly attained a new level of dance velocity with footwork that clearly lives up to the title of this song. This epic dance number was featured on a Italian variety show in 1984.

Okay…it’s also goofy as freaking hell. I mean, this looks like the kind of choreography that would ensue if you poured half a pound of chocoate-covered espresso beans down the throat of a hyperactive toddler.

This clip has resurfaced and gone viral every few years since it was rediscovered and put on YouTube about a decade ago. Rae Alexandra at KQED even tracked down more videos by the excitable Ms. Parisi, and you can see them HERE. Be warned, if you decide to follow the link in that piece to Ms. Parisi’s website, she’s seems a tad conspiracy and anti-vax minded, so proceed with caution.

But the main point is that this choreography is just hilariously bizarre.  I hadn’t posted it yet, so here’s a forty-year-old nightmare of hyperactivity, presented for your amusement, enlightenment and enjoyment.