If you are of a certain age (it’s a range, probably about ten years on either side of your PopCulteer), you may have grown up with a love of classic Aurora figural model kits.

I’m not talking about the cars. Those are cool enough, but they didn’t approach the coolness of Aurora’s monsters, dinosaurs, Knights or their kits based on hit TV shows and movies.

Above and below we have just a couple of the dozens of videos about Aurora that you can find on the YouTube. Up top you get a short history of Aurora. Below you get over an hour and a half of raw video footage of collector and occasional model-kit-producer, Phil Ceparano’s massive private collection of kits, narrated by the owner. The video below, I must warn you, is so low-key astonishing that any fan of model kits will be shouting exclamations of shock and delight all the way through it.

If you’re wondering what whipped up my interest in model kits all of a sudden, the news came out that later this year, Atlantis Models, who recently purchased all the existing Aurora molds, will be reissuing two of the classic Aurora Prehistoric Scenes kits that have never been reissued before. I’ll tell you more about that when I have more details, but Prehistoric Scenes are my weakness.