1625620_10101476278632636_1830988482_nThe Thursday night Comedy Open Mic at Mojo’s Sports Bar in South Charleston, behind the Mound, has become a real boon to Charleston’s comedy scene. Dozens of area stand-up comedians are getting the chance to hone their craft before a local audience for the first time.  Up until Mojo’s decided to showcase local comedians on a weekly basis, if you had dreams of doing stand up you either hoped for a talent contest to come along, risked life and limb trying to open for a local band or most likely, you left town.

Our video clip this week is a stand up set from Patrick Felton, who explains, “Over the last year 50 comedians have performed at Mojo’s. We’ve done a show every Thursday for the last year without exception (actually I think we did skip Thanksgiving, but other than that we’ve been there every time.) I took the show over in May from Tim Hoover who decided to move on.” Patrick is being a little humble here. In addition to developing his chops as a comic, he’s also nurtured the local comedy scene, earning the disctinction of, if not being the father of comedy in Charleston, at least being a possibility until the results of the DNA tests are revealed.

This Thursday night at Mojo’s you can help celebrate a year of comedy at the Mound with the first anniversary blowout comedy show featuring performances by Charleston’s original Superheroes of Comedy including: Patrick Felton, Andy Frampton, Thomas Mac, Ryan Carrier and many more of our area’s funniest people. Plus they promise lots of surprises, prizes, drink specials, and special guests.