B0000844IZ.01.LZZZZZZZMost people know Mike Nesmith as the tallest of The Monkees, the pre-fab four, a 1960s rock band that was created for television. Ridiculed for not writing their own songs or playing their own instruments, the band rebelled and eventually proved that they were capable of being very creative on their own. Then they broke up.

After the end of The Monkees, Nesmith became a pioneer in the worlds of music video and home video distribution. In 1981 he released Elephant Parts, the first video concept album, with original songs and comedy sketches mixed into a fun package, which was originally sold directly to viewers on VHS or Beta. That’s it up above. Check it out. You can find it on DVD now, if you want a better copy. This gem won the Grammy for best music video the first year that catagory was introduced.