With Charleston’s FestivALL kicking off today, we decided to revisit some of the glory days when PopCult and Radio Free Charleston were the only outlets providing in-depth video coverage of the event. You can find a full list of FestivALL 2022 events HERE.

Back in 2011 we bought you eight episodes of Radio Free Charleston devoted to FestivALL. We did this all in twelve days. The episodes ranged from seventeen to thirty-three minutes long, with a total running time of two hours and fifty minutes. You can watch all eight of these shows, each one crammed full of God-knows-what, right there at the top of this post. Or you could be out enjoying FestivALL 2022. I will leave the choice in your hands even though there’s no reason you can’t do both.

The shows embeded in the handy video playlist above run the gamut, fill with cool stuff like music from Holy Cow, The Boatmen,  Miss Behavin’, Sasha Colette, The Velvet Nomads, Comparsa, The Voodoo Katz, Sierra Ferrell, Don Baker, John Radcliff, John Lilly, The Kingfish Five, Kathleen Coffee, Joseph Hale, WATT 4, Christopher Nelson, Albert Perrone, 600 lbs of SIn, Uncle Eddy and Robyn, Todd Burge, Andy Park. and more.

Intercut with the musical performances you will find scenes from The Art Parade, The Art Fair, The Antique Fair, Dizzy Doc’s Balloon Sculpture, Eamon Hardiman’s silent film, The Peer to Pier project and a few other surprises.

Plus we mix some of the music with dance by Capitol High School Dance Company, Mandy Petry, Brian Roller, Kevin Pauley, and Jeff Bukovinsky of the No Pants Players, Jenna Brooke Swanson and Raqs Shakti, Professor Danger, Kathleen Coffee, the Trillium Performance Art Company, and Some Guy In Davis Park

Plus we have short samples of theatrical events like Douglas Imbrogno’s magnum opus, “Saint Stephen’s Dream: A Space Opera,” which was staged by WestVirginiaVille.com; CYAC’s “Easier Than The Truth”; The No Pants Players; and CLOG’s “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”