Yes, we’re showing our age again this week. Above you see Genesis (the Phil Collins incarnation, of course) performing live in concert almost exactly forty years ago.

This was during the “Mama Tour” when Genesis was beginning to regain some of their prog credibility after a few years of extreme pop success. We see the band at their commercial peak, live at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England.

It’s a fun show that demonstrates their musical chops, and leans a bit more into their proggier music, with many of their hits consided to a show-ending medley.

In this show you’ll hear:

Good Evening Chat
“That’s All”
“Illegal Alien’
Audience Participation Time
“Home By The Sea”
“Keep It Dark”
“It’s Gonna Get Better”
In The Cage Medley (“In The Cage/ The Cinema Show/Riding The Scree/ The Cinema Show (reprise)/In That Quiet Earth/The Colony Of Slippermen”)
“Drum Duet”
“Turn It On Again” (including popular medley)

Just think…some people who were conceived the night of this concert are grandparents already!