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Above you see the 2007 Christmas episode of Radio Free Charleston, “West Virginia Shirt,” with music from 69 Fingers and Mountain Laurel Ensemble. You also get treated to the Holiday episode of The Android Family and an animated Christmas tree courtesy of Brian Young and Yours Truly. You can read the original production notes, here.

We included 69 fingers on the show to promote their annual Christmas Bash at The Empty Glass with The Concept. You can catch this grand union of Ska and Punk again this year, as Christmas night sees both bands return to the Glass for a holiday tradition!

After the jump, check out last year’s Christmas Treat with Molly Means and the UUC Drum Circle, and the 2006 Holiday RFC with Melanie Larch and Clownhole. Check out these, and also this year’s Christmas show, and have a great holiday.

The 2008 Christmas Treat…

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The very first RFC Christmas show…

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