Based in Asheville NC, Grounded is André Cholmondeley, guitar & Brett Spivey, bass. They also both use looping, synths, samplers and the like. Usually a duo, they also play live as a trio with drummer James Wilson, or collaborate in mash-ups with groups like Balloon Animal Farm. Their main focus is instrumental, experimental music ranging from ambient to full on noise & chaos. Elements of world music, electronica, musique concrete, rock & performance art can be found in their work.

“Its Everything Except What It Is! (Improv 01)” was recorded January 6, 2013, shortly after midnight, at The Empty Glass in Charleston, WV. This was part of “Dr. Curmudgeon, Grounded, and Trielement’s Night of Instrumental Music,” a night at The Empty Glass that was the basis for episode 178 of Radio Free Charleston (which is coming to PopCult on Monday).

The soundboard mix was by James Vernon Brown. Camera by Melanie Larch and Rudy Panucci. Editing by Rudy Panucci, with computer graphics by Frank Panucci.

An excerpt of this performance is included in episode 178 of Radio Free Charleston.