Halloween is rapidly approaching. Above you see the 30-second spot for HallowEast 2 and The Zombie Walk.  I was lucky enough to be invited to appear in this spot, alongside the zombies, Naomi Bays, Vasilia Scouras and Steven Adams.  It was a load of fun, and  I hope everyone comes out to the HallowEast festivities this year.

Below you see the trailer for the Radio Free Charleston Halloween Special, which this year is going to be a movie called “Jazz From Hell.” We’re still shooting this, but I plan to have it online before Halloween. For more information on the progress we’re making (or not) on this film, visit the RFC fan page on Facebook where we have dozens of preview photos up.

After the jump, you’ll find a longer version of the HallowEast spot.  These were made by K.D. Lett and Mark Wolfe Design for the East End Main Street folks.  You’ll also find the flyer for the Zombie Walk on October 29, people are dying to participate in this!