For the die-hard fan, here’s the raw video we shot for our PopCult Road Trip clip. The audio has been replaced with stock music from the YouTube library for the most part because we don’t want to accidently broadcast anybody’s private conversations that might have been picked up by our microphones. What you have here is random shots of cool toys, featuring but not limited to GI Joe, plus the folks walking around looking at and buying them. It’s just under 35 minutes of toy show immerssion.

We had a blast at the show, but it was part of an exhausting weekend as we attended two major toy collector conventions on the same weekend, some five-hundred miles apart. I’ve been writing about that trip since we got back, four weeks ago.  This week we’re sharing the raw video from JoeLanta, the toy convention in Atlanta devoted to GI Joe. Next week the plan is to share our raw footage from PowerCon in Columbus, recorded that same weekend.

You can find our previous coverage of JoeLanta in the archives by searching for “JoeLanta,” or scroll down the recent posts list elsewhere on this page for our more recent videos and photo essays.

Just yesterday, our pal Ricky from Radio Cult posted a cool “Walk Through” video of JoeLanta, and you can watch it HERE.