King-Crimson-Three-Of-A-Perfec-475668The latest incarnation of seminal progressive/visionary rock band, King Crimson, is currently preparing to tour the UK, after a brief jaunt stateside earlier this year. That band has a nearly fifty-year history of producing cutting edge music under the leadership of Robert Fripp.

Our video tonight comes from 1982, when the band was supporting the album “Three of a Perfect Pair.” Recorded in Japan, for this show the line-up included Fripp and bassist Tony Levin, who are in the current version of KC, and drummer Bill Bruford and singer/guitarist Adrian Belew, who are not.

I don’t know if they’re performing any of the music from this show in their current concerts, but as always with Crimson, it’s challenging and rewarding. So enjoy 90 minutes of incredible music from King Crimson.