This week we go back to the days of New Wave Music (which you can re-visit every Friday at 3 PM on Sydney’s Big Electric Cat on The AIR–end plug) for a live concert by Lene Lovich (with a band that features a then-unknown Thomas Dolby on Keyboards).

Lovich is an amazing vocalist and sax player, born in Detroit, who moved to the UK as a teen and had been on the fringes of the music scene for a while before being signed to Stiff Records in 1978. Her career was launched with a pro-wrestling-style fake biography that said she was from some exotic Eastern European country and barely spoke English. The truth was that she spoke perfect English and had already rubbed shoulders with Salvador Dali, Chuck Berry, Arthur Brown and French Disco star Cerrone before she started putting out novelty-style cover songs, with her own New Wave classics on the B-Sides, in the mid-1970s.

This concert was the first New Wave concert at the famed Disco club, Studio 54. It’s just under an hour of pure New Wave bliss.