Remember fifty-two weeks ago? I’m talking about the first Sunday Evening Video of 2012 here in PopCult,, It was a rough video clip of one song from Ryan hardiman’s Good Night performance the evening before that only presented one camera angle.  Ryan had performed “Moonage Daydream: The Bowie Songbook” at Trinity Lutheran Church, joined by Mark Scarpelli, Maddy Gourevich, Molly Lynn page, Kristi Holstein, Alasha Al Qudwah and Shawn Simms.

We brought you “Absolute Beginners” from that night, and promised that we would present a full, three camera version of the show in a few weeks. Unfortunately, we encountered one of our periodic Radio Free Charleston computer meltdowns shotly after that, and Ryan’s night of Bowie kept getting shuffled further back on the burners.

Well, since Ryan will be reprising his take on the Bowie songbook again Monday night at Trinity Lutheran Church at 7 and 9 PM, with the same group of talented musicans joining him, we decided to sacrifice a rare Saturday off from video editing and stitch together this year-old night of magic. It holds up very well and I hope it persuades some of you to go hear Ryan and crew live. As a bonus, at 6 and 8 PM at Trinity, you can hear Mark Scarpelli backing up RFC guest Jonathan Tucker for a set of Josh Groban tunes.