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You still have three chances to see the 2009 CYAC production of “Mary,” which we featured in the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston. At 8 PM next Thursday, Friday and Saturday at The WVSU Capitol Center Theater on Summers Street. Last year we showcased the 2009 production of “Mary” in two half-episodes of RFC.

Above, you see last year’s “Christmas Treat” with Molly Means performing an acapella version of “Child, My Child,” the climax of the show. Molly, who was phenomenal last year as Mary in the rock opera, has grown by leaps and bounds and reprises her role this year. You’ll get to hear this song again, accompanied by the fifteen-piece “Mary” orchestra, in this year’s Radio Free Charleston Christmas show in just a few weeks. But you can go to the theater an hear it in person this weekend!

After the jump, check out RFC 56.5, featuring songs from “Mary” performed by last year’s cast, which included Tanya Dillon-Page and RFC’s own resident diva, Melanie Larch. Note that the dates listed for the show are for last year’s performance. I’m also re-posting the latest RFC, with excerpts from this year’s production.

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