Above you see twenty-two minutes of highlights from JoeLanta 2013, which you should be well familiar with by now if you’ve been reading PopCult. This special video capsule includes interviews with two of the convention’s organizers, Buddy Finethy and David  Lane, and with prominent 1/6 scale action figure collector, Dave (Tanker) Matteson.

Among the scenes from the convention are brief snippets of the Hobby Roundtable, film festival, Team Trivia, the parachute drop, Swapapalooza, the diorama displays, the dealer’s rooms and an entire song by Radio Cult.

Extra special thanks and credit must go out to Radio Free Charleston Big Shot, Melanie Larch, who provided most of the stable video footage seen here. Your PopCulteer was so hyper, being at his first GI Joe Convention, that his camera work was shaky as hell. Seriously I was lucky to hold it together enough to do the intros and interviews.

If you want to know more about JoeLanta, visit their website, watch the video, and go back and read the last two week’s worth of PopCult. I’ve barely shut up about it. If you really want more info on JoeLanta, check back next year. I am definitely returning in 2014.