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Sunday Evening Video: More Toys Than You Can Comprehend

Above you see PopCult‘s video of our first trip to The South Louisville Antique & Toy Mall. We went there straight from The Kentuckiana GI Joe & Toy Expo (we posted our video of that last week), and we were unprepared for the enormous size of this place.

As we were somewhat dumbstruck, all we did was shoot random video, which I brought home, set to music, and presented it as is, with little in the way of organization or narrative.

Needless to say, we’ll be going back, probably without cameras. It was too hard to concentrate on shooting video and shopping at the same time, so we didn’t really buy much.

However, everything with SpongeBob that you see in this video came home with us.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    WOW! Makes me wish Arizona was closer to Kentucky. Then again, for the sake of my bank account, might be just as well. Still, I’d love to see that place sometime. It’s like a permanent toy collectibles show!

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