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Sunday Evening Video: PopCult Goes To The 2021 Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Expo

Above you see our video wrap-up of the 2021 Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Expo from last weekend. Set to YouTube-friendly background music, you’ll see the people, the toys, the custom figures and dioramas and more.

We had a great time and I want to thank Stevel Stovall and the Kentuckiana crew for putting on such a wonderful show.

Next Sunday in this space, we’ll bring you video from our trip to The South Louisville Antique Toy Mall. We went there right after leaving Kentuckiana, and it was a bit of an overwhelming experience.


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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    This is a wonderful video from the Destro logo in the background at the start all the way through — and I haven’t seen that immense Space:1999 Eagle very often! And you even showed one of the Lunartix Aliens! This looks like it was a great show, and it was set up well. Plenty of room to walk around, and everyone seemed well-behaved. That’s not always the case. But I remember attending shows like these. Always had fun. Thanks for the video.

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