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Sunday Evening Video: “Moving On” by James


Just as the death of music on vinyl was greatly exaggerated, so too, it seems, has been the death of music video. This little gem by James, created by Ainslie Henderson, is as cool as any video from the heyday of the music video. Henderson has created a lovely metaphor for the circle of life, using animated yarn .

james_moving_on_new_video-377952This is the first single of their new album, ” La Petite Mort,” which was released a few months ago. Elderly fans of the Radio Free Charleston radio program may remember the band as one of the mainstays of the show back then. After their college-rock stardom in the late 1980s and early 90s, the band broke up, reuniting in 2007 with their classic line-up. Since then they’ve been producing great albums again…and this great music video. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a channel that showed nothing but videos so that more cool clips like this would be made?

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  1. Joe V.

    That was awesome and very moving. Thanks for posting that Rudy.

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