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The video you see above is an edited compilation of highlights from a live show by Group 87, recorded at the Savoy Tivoli and The Stone in San Francisco in 1980. Group 87 consisted of Mark Isham, Peter Maunu, Patrick O’Hearn , and Terry Bozzio. Isham went on to an acclaimed career as a film composer. O’Hearn and Bozzio, both veterans of Frank Zappa’s band, both went on to join Missing Persons and Duran Duran. This video captures Group 87 in all their instrumental, progressive glory. The video features effects that were “performed” live by Denise Gallant and Rob Schafer using the Synopsis Video System, which must have been state-of-the-art thirty years ago.

On the other side of the “read more” link, you will find the 57th episode of Radio Free Charleston, which went live about a year ago. In 2010, I’m going to try and upload all the missing episodes of RFC that have fallen off the Gazette servers. And I’m going to try and link them somehow to the Sunday Evening Video. Tonight’s connection is that RFC 57 was our second “Show without words,” and features progressive jazz/rock/metal fusion music by Elemental Devices, Chuck Biel’s Punk Jazz and The Scrap Iron Pickers. This show also features a ton of computer animation by Frank Panucci, too. Follow the jump and enjoy!

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