Above you see a short, random video that yours truly shot yesterday on Interstate 64 in Virginia, not far from the West Virginia border.

Your PopCulteer and his lovely wife were returning from a very nice anniversary visit to Staunton, Virginia, where we indulged in a little Shakespeare, and sampled some of the delights of the city’s Historic District. We found toys, model kits, chocolate, old comic books, and even saw a working Edison Wax Cylindar Player.

And I didn’t take any photos or video of it. This was a trip for us, and was not intended to be fodder for this blog. Sorry about that.

If it’s any consolation, we did have so much fun that we fully intend to return in the fall, COVID permitting, and when we do, I’ll post video and photo essays and all kinds of other stuff. We didn’t even make it to the camera museum or the antique car collection or tons of other cool things they had hidden away in their very hilly streets.

But on the way home we saw you see above, and I whipped out my phone and shot some video, and set it to music I wrote a while back (because I didn’t want the copyright police to come after me over the cool New Wave tunes we were listening to at the time).  Since I didn’t prepare this post before our trip, and it took maybe five minutes to make the video, this is what you get today.

After you’ve watched the video, if you’re curious, we did see what’s in the video well over a month after it was finished with its promotional purposes, so we don’t know if they just decided to drive it around the country for the hell of it, or if it’s being driven somewhere to be dismantled. You can find out more about it HERE.