This week I thought it might be fun to revisit the video of a crazy trip I made just about half a year ago.

The reason for the recycled video is two-fold: First, I keep running into people who I know would have enjoyed it, but who, for whatever reason, missed it. Second, I had other stuff pop up this weekend, and it was easier to do this than to find or make a new video.

So…IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…above you see the video of the epic road trip your humble blogger took over his birthday weekend last August. In just under half an hour I take you from Dunbar to Caryville, Tennesee, to Calhoun, Georgia, into Atlanta for JoeLanta, back up to Richmond, Kentucky and then on to Columbus, Ohio for PowerCon and MEGO Meet.

You’ll get to see your PopCulteer go through several wardrobe changes (the trip took five days), a few different hats and glasses, and astute viewers ought to be able to see where  my Myasthenia Gravis flared up and made me all squinty-eyed.

It was a fun trip, but we’ll never do another like it again. 1,200 miles on the road in five days is just too much. By the time we hit PowerCon we were basically DOA and only lasted a couple of hours. Cramming this much into one long weekend basically meant that everything was a blur and by the end, we weren’t sure what was real and what was hallucinated.

Although, hearing Television’s “Marquee Moon” playing in Buc-ee’s definitely did happen. I got it on video.

So if you have the time, watch as yours truly has fun with toys and gets into some interesting misadventures.