scrappy-title-samba-300x223Thunderbean Animation is an animation company in Michigan that specializes in digitally restoring animated cartoons from the golden age of theatrical shorts. Their work is featured regularly on Turner Classic Movies and can be purchased on DVD and Blu Ray from Amazon. Animation historian Jerry Beck is one of the driving forces behind this work.

Above you see some of Thunderbean’s work on a Scrappy Cartoon called “The Flophouse.” Scrappy is a pretty obscure character, and Beck has extensive notes about this film HERE. In his notes, he writes…

The Flop House (1932) is one of my favorites, with lots of really fun gags and some really nice character animation. Posing and timing at Columbia are taking leaps forward at this point, largely due to the brilliance of director Dick Huemer. these cartoons all have a really joyful, musical sensibility. These aspects combined with often really bizarre subject matter leads to a strange but enjoyable experience.

Check out the cartoon above and the Thunderbean website, and if you’re intrigued, go buy some of their releases at Amazon. it’s fun stuff.