This week we are going to re-present a previous animated film that we featured in this spot six-and-a-half years ago.

Originally I posted this in the middle of a series of snow storms in January. This time I’m being all aging-hipster ironic and presenting it at the tail-end of a month-long series of heat waves. This weekend, instead of copying all the “Christmas in July” sales that the retail websites are hitting you with,  we’re bringing you the classic animated adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ children’s book, “The Snowman.”

This version has the original opening, featuring a spoken word intro and brief appearance by Briggs himself. The OSCAR-nominated “The Snowman” was produced by John Coates and directed by Dianne Jackson, both of whom worked on The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.” It’s a classic of 1980s animation, and it might just help you cool down a bit before our country plunges into a depression.