Tonight we bring you a fan-shot video of legendary punk pioneers, The Dickies, shot just a few months ago in Portland, Oregon. Recorded at Dante’s, by Jason Miller , this hour-long set features really good audio and great camerawork.  Normally I hate to post one-camera videos here, but Jason did a really great job.

The Dickies are the longest-lived Los Angeles punk band, having formed in 1977. They were the first LA punk band to appear on network television (in an episode of CPO Sharkey) and they also wrote and performed the theme song for the movie, Killer Klowns From Outer Space eleven years later. Often compared to The Ramones because of their strong sense of humor, The Dickies also made it a habit to tackle punk-rock covers of unexpected songs like “The Sounds of Silence,” “Nights In White Satin,” and the theme song from Gigantor.

They even survived a controversy last year over something horrid that Phillips said during The Warped Tour. People still don’t quite grasp the shock mentality of punk music or the whole point of The Dickies’ outrageous onstage act.

I’ve been a fan for more than a couple of decades, and it’s really cool to see the band still performing with their original singer and guitarist, Leonard Phillips and Stan Lee (a couple of dozen other musicians have passed through the band’s line-up over the years). It’s really remarkable when you consider that the original members must be well into their sixties by now, and that they just played a tour of the UK in June and July, and performed in Thousand Oaks, CA, just yesterday.

Get ready for some primo pop-punk fun, with The Dickies.