This week’s Sunday Evening Video is an animated short from The National Film Board of Canada about the dangers of smoking. The Drag is a 1966 Canada anti-smoking animated short, animated and directed by Carlos Marchiori and produced by Robert Verrall and Wolf Koenig for the National Film Board of Canada. Originally aimed at young people, this short film was sponsored by the former Department of National Health and Welfare. Both entertaining and visually rich, the film is a deterrent against smoking drawn in typical ’60s modernist/pop-art style.

The film offers a comical look at dangers of addiction and the difficulties of quitting through the story of a chain smoker, recounting his experiences on a psychiatrist’s couch, and also explores the part that cigarette advertising—which was legal in those days—played in getting people hooked.

The Drag was entertaining enough that it was nominated for an Oscar for best animated short. We present it to you this week as a reminder that smoking is bad, M’kay?