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Sunday Evening Video: The Frisbee Turns 65

Sixty-five years ago today, the Wham-O corporation purchased the rights to a flying disc called “The Pluto Platter,”  a toy patented by Walter Frederick Morrison,. Wham-O re-named it “Frisbee,” and the rest is history.

And if you want to see a brief version of that history of the Frisbee, watch the above video lecture (sorry about the audio). It should tell you everything you want to know about America’s favorite flying plastic disc, which shows no signs of slowing down, even now that it’s hit retirement age.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    I think Wham-O did the right thing. I can’t quite see “Pluto Platter” being as big a hit. Frankly, it sounds like something that would be served in a restaurant in a Disney park — just don’t ask what went into it… 🙂

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