The PopCult crew went to the Hershey Action Figure & Toy Show on August 24, 2019, and here is our wrap-up video, with sights and sounds of the show and a few interviews. It’s exactly eleven minutes of great toy fun. Because of the video and the photos this week, I’m not going to be too wordy. It is a holiday, after all. Your PopCulteer needs a day to rest once in a while.

The shirt I’m wearing in the video is Mitch O’Connell’s recreation of one of the Monster Sweater designs from Leave it to Beaver. You can read about it HERE.

As promised, we also have a few additional photos that we couldn’t fit in last Friday in our photo essay. That’s Hasbro’s Defender with his Iron Knight Tank as our lead image.

Next year’s show in Hershey has already been scheduled for August 22, 2020, and you can find all the details HERE.

Now let’s get to those extra photos…

Hey, it wouldn’t be a toy show without some robots, right?

What kid doesn’t want a remote-control Tony Hawk?

You say you’re interested in superhero figures?

One odd quirk of toy shows is when you see really, really cool stuff and realize that you already have it.

There were more than a few MEGO and ReMego figures floating around the show.

The 80s and 90s were well-represented for the whippersnapper crowd.

Lots of dealers, lots of toys, lots of buyers. That’s a winning combination.

And we’ll leave you with Hot Wheels and Transformers, just to show you the diversity of cool toys at the show.