Leo Tuxedo as Patrick Morrisey (photo by Mark Wolfe)

Leo Tuxedo as Patrick Morrisey (photo by Mark Wolfe)

Ripped from today’s headlines, and ripped from Radio Free Charleston 198, by popular demand, it’s The Laser Beams, with their song, “Patrick Morrisey,” presented as a “boylesque” dance routine by Leo Tuxedo of The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque.

So many people wanted to watch this video and listen to this song over and over again that we broke with tradition and pulled the song out as a stand-alone clip. Making it even sweeter, we added the lyrics onscreen so that you can sing along at home! This truly is a song that should be seen by every West Virginian.

The Laser Beams are Pepper Fandango, Cat Schrodinger and Leo Tuxedo, who are coincidentally all members of The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque.   The Wayward Girls bring their 304 Mixtape show to Dickens Pub in Portsmouth, OH next Saturday, June 7. One day before that, you can catch The Laser Beams in full-tilt band mode, Friday, June 6 at Main Street Cafe in Clarksburg, WV.

Patrick Morrisey is, of course, the current Attorney General of West Virginia. He’s lived here slightly longer than he’s held office. His campaign was financed by a coalition of Big Coal, Big Business, Big Koch Brothers, manufacturers of Methamphetine ingredients and The Grinch. His first action as Attorney General was to fire the consumer protection division of his office, and launch immediate attempts to ban abortion, the EPA, safe drinking water and the right for an individual to sue a corporation…in no particular order. Every word in this song is an absolute, proven fact.

Plus it’s catchy as hell! Enjoy!