pretenders2The original line-up of The Pretenders was an amazing band. And they were a full band, not just back up musicians for the incredibly talented singer-songwriter-guitarist, Chrissie Hynde. Martin Chambers and Pete Farndon were innovative and perfectly suited to the music. James Honeyman-Scott’s lead guitar work was as distincitve as Chrissie Hynde’s voice, and it’s clear that he was a major influence on Johnny Marr.

Drugs splintered this line-up of the group. After two albums–one great, one rushed–and some grueling tours, Farndon and Honeyman-Scott were dead. Chrissie Hynde assembled new musicians, including her drummer, Chambers, and continues making music, excellent music, to this day. But there was still a certain magic and energy with the original line that made The Pretenders something legendary. In this video you get to see the group before the turmoil, performing four songs from their first album.