Just about nine days ago, your humble blogger did his first video shoot of a band in Charleston in over four years. it was Cinco de Mayo and The Velvet Brothers were playing the outdoor pavillion at The Red Carpet.

And to give you a little added perspective, it was the first time I’d set foot in The Red Carpet since 1989.

Mel and I went and captured the first twenty minutes or so of the Velvet’s set before the smoking on the Pavillion drove us away. I would’ve loved to have stayed for the whole show, but even wearing my trusty mask, I knew I had to limit my exposure.

The boys were in fine form.  Whitney Velvet was sitting in for Dave Velvet, which meant they had a sax instead of a trumpet, and that gave the Brothers V a slightly different flavor for the evening. Maybe we’ll get to hear both of these guys Velvetting it up together someday.

Above, you get one song from the evening, Tommy Bolin’s “Savannah Moon.” The rest of these gems are being squirrled away for a future project.

Any VB is good VB. So enjoy this taste of Cinco de Mayo from The Velvet Brothers.