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Sunday Evening Video: The Spirit Halloween/Charleston Town Center Zombie Walk

zom walkI have a warm spot in my heart for Zombie Walks. I accidentally stumbled into the second-ever Zombie Walk years ago at the Monroeville Mall near Pittsburgh, where “Dawn of the Dead” was filmed. It was my wife, Melanie Larch, who suggested that HallowEast add a Zombie Walk to their line-up back when HallowEast was still fun for us.

Since HallowEast moved their Zombie Walk from the daylight hours (when all the good ones are held so that you can see the zombie’s make up) to after dark so that they could funnel unsuspecting undead folks into the middle of their drunken beer party pub crawl and use them as obstacles in their 5K run, Charleston has not had a decent Zombie Walk.

Last Saturday the Spirit Halloween Store in the Charleston Town Center filled that void with an inside-the-mall Zombie Walk, which happened in a well-lit area so that folks could actually see the FX make up that the Zombies were wearing. It was a lot of fun and our cameras were on hand. The walk was lead by Jeremy Ambler, West Virginia’s own walker from The Walking Dead, and members of Ghostbusters West Virginia Division were on hand to make sure that no innocent bystanders were harrassed by the undead.

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