Img_3378It’s a PopCult Travelogue as PopCult blogger Rudy Panucci and his wife, Melanie Larch, recently traveled to Senoia, Georgia, the town which has been used for many locations on the television show “The Walking Dead.” It’s also the location of The Woodbury Shoppe, the Official Walking Dead Store, which has a Walking Dead museum and The Waking Dead Cafe downstairs.

Img_3450Melanie shot and narrated this short travelogue, which looks at The Woodbury Shoppe and The Walking Dead Museum. Special thanks to Rhodena and Rebecca of The Woodbury Shoppe for the guided tour. At the end of the clip, you will see brief shots from other locations in Senoia including the “Pudding House” and the wall of “Alexandria.”

Directed by Melanie Larch, edited and produced by Rudy Panucci, shot on March 16, 2015.