This week we’re recylcing an old edition of Sunday Evening Video in honor of Toni Basil.  Ms. Basil is still stunning at the age of 78, and recently regained control of the album and videos we’re showing here.  I’d imagine a remastered boxed set of the audio album and video album should be forthcoming in the near future.

Nearly everybody knows the legendary dancer/choreographer Toni Basil from her international hit song, “Mickey,” but what many people don’t remember is that her big hit song and video were part of an entire video album, Word of Mouth. This was released in 1982, decades before Beyonce had the idea to do it.

Another fact that not many folks are aware of is that Basil was in a relationship with Gerald Casale of DEVO at the time, and PopCult’s favorite spud boys backed up Ms. Basil on several cuts from the album, like the one above, and the few tucked away on the other side of the jump.

Folks who pay attention to such things may well recognize the presence of Shabadoo of The Lockers and Spaz Attack, from several early DEVO videos, among the back up dancers in these clips.